Cancer Specialists

  •   Cancer is a condition where few cells of the body start to grow in an uncontrolled manner and spread to other body parts. It can begin practically anywhere and for the treatment of such disease, the best in the field is needed. Dr. Sanjay Sharma is the one of the best cancer specialists in Mumbai. With his expertise in the identification and treatment of cancer, the survival of cancer patients has improved over time.

Throughout the duration of your cancer treatment, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, the cancer specialist along with his team will:

  • Help with cancer diagnosis
  • Decide on a course of treatment and enlist advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Monitor your medical care
  • Post-treatment care management

  •   With more than 40 years of oncology experience, Dr. Sanjay Sharma is at the pinnacle of Esophageal Cancer Clinic located at Bandra, Mumbai. His vast expertise in surgery and medicine as well as his tireless efforts have made him excelled in his field of study. Dr. Sanjay Sharma is a Gold Medalist in MBBS (Surgery Medicine) and MS (Gen, Surgery), Bhopal Medical College. He had been a practicing Oncology Surgery at TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and Nargis Dutt Memorial Fellowship for Training in Cancer at The Salon Kettering Cancer Center in New York, United States of America (Specialized training in Thoracic Oncology-Critical Care) from 1982 to 1983. Currently, he is a practicing Oncologist at Mumbai Cancer Clinic, Asian Institute of Oncology, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre and Esophageal Cancer India.